EagleCares Center: A New Web-Based Mental Health Resource

The Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs is participating in a free trial during the spring semester of a web-based resource center for mental and social health and well-being.

ConcernCenter was co-developed by a SUNY Brockport graduate and is widely used by colleges and universities to provide students accurate and timely information on a myriad of issues college students face and provide them with important resources, at their fingertips. It is a comprehensive platform that includes the six main categories which are: Emotional, Social, Physical, Academics, Spiritual, and Sex and Relationships.

Students can sometimes feel unsure about how to get help for the various college stressors and challenges they face, which have only heightened during this current pandemic. The EagleCares platform is intuitive and concerns can be easily accessed with a word search, via a list of categories and reviewing an alphabetized list of issues/conditions. This platform provides students immediate information about normal college stressors as well as mental health issues. Students can then access the Brockport-specific support, departments, and other resources in order to get help.

You will find the EagleCares Center link on several webpages including, as examples, the Counseling Center and SAS. Students have been notified about this new resource in an email. Faculty and staff are encouraged to mention this resource to students as well.

EagleCares Center

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Karen Logsdon: klogsdon@brockport.edu

Posted: February 09, 2021