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As snow falls, the temperature drops, the market slips, and Russia wreaks havoc in Ukraine, we keep on keeping on in AAS. Dr. John Marah, our local globally renowned expert in Pan-African Education, is scheduled for yet another talk in South Africa on the topic of his 2017 book Pan-African Education: A must for the African Union.  The talk is entitled “Perspectives on Pan-African Education” and is scheduled for March 14, 2022, from 8-9 am (I know it’s early, but in South Africa, they’ll be in the afternoon). It’s a zoom talk, link coming later.

Dr. Turner is on the Drescher Leave and has reminded us to leave him alone. So we’re leaving him to his work. Dr. Boston continues his work in the department, the College Senate, and as the editor of the Journal of Afro-Americans in New  York Life and History. I, (Dr. Thomas) recently published an article entitled “The Lingeer’s Jihad: Challenging a Male-Normative Reading of African History” in History in Africa: A Journal of Debates, Methods, and Source Analysis vol. 48 (1) pp. 309-336. 

One day the snow will stop. Russia will behave. Racism and White Supremacy will die and we will live in peace. Until then, we keep on keeping on in AAS.

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Douglas Thomas: dothomas@brockport.edu

Posted: February 25, 2022