Housekeeping Staff Cares for Over 1,768,000 Square Feet of Space Every Day

The housekeeping staff of the Facilities Maintenance and Operations Department currently consists of 73 team members who are dedicated to providing a clean and comfortable environment for the entire SUNY Brockport Community.

The housekeeping staff cares for all residence halls, academic, athletic, and administrative buildings. The daily duties of our staff includes the daily cleaning of 1,768,000 square feet of space.  

US Census data lists the median size of a single-family house in the Brockport area is about 1,850 square feet. Dividing that number into the square footage cleaned every day gives us the approximate square footage equal to about 956 houses. Dividing those 956 houses by our 73 staff members shows us that each cares for the equivalent of 13 homes. Imagine being responsible for the daily cleaning of 13 heavily used homes every day!

This number does not include student residential hall rooms which are thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the next occupants every summer. We should also remember that most of those student rooms are not air-conditioned. During the winter, the housekeeping staff is also often called upon to assist the Grounds Team in snow and ice control in the immediate proximity of their assigned buildings.

I hope this information helps the campus community understand the complexity of caring for what is essentially a small city. That each and every member of the housekeeping is truly an essential worker!

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Kevin Rice:

Posted: February 22, 2022