Due Today : Spring 2021 College Senate Nominations

The deadline to submit nomination forms for faculty and professional staff to qualify to run in elections for several positions in SUNY Brockport’s College Senate has been extended to Friday, March 5, 2021.

These important leadership roles help the institution achieve meaningful shared governance. Please note, one of these open positions is a Senator at Large seat to be held by an “associate faculty” person.

Faculty and Professional Staff: Please consider nominating yourselves or your peers for one of the following positions on the College Senate.

  • College Senate President-Elect 2021-22 (then serves as President 2022-23, and Past-President 2023-24): Leads the College Senate and plays critical roles in shared governance across the institution.
  • University Faculty Senator 2021-23: Represents SUNY Brockport on the SUNY system’s University Faculty Senate; sits on Brockport College Senate’s Executive Committee
  • Alternate University Faculty Senator 2021-23: Serves as the alternate for the elected position above.
  • Senator-at-Large 2021-23 (3 positions): In addition to representatives elected by individual academic departments and administrative units, these three college-wide elected positions are voting members of Brockport’s College Senate.
  • Senator-at-Large 2022-23 (for an Associate Faculty member, the remainder of the unfilled term): This college-wide elected position ensures that a non-tenure-track faculty person is empowered to represent this important part of our college community.

Please view this pdf with instructions for distributing an online nomination form, which requires at least 25 e-signatures from faculty and staff and needs to be submitted by Monday, March 5, 2021. Nominees will subsequently be asked to deliver brief statements during the March 22, 2021, Senate meeting before running in late March online elections.

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James Spiller: jspiller@brockport.edu

Posted: March 03, 2021