Spring 2021 Food & Beverage Restrictions for Campus Events

For health and safety considerations due to COVID-19, very few events with food and beverage will be allowed on the Brockport campus during the spring 2021 semester. Exceptions will be limited primarily to specific student events.

Individuals who have been identified as having the authority to contract events with BASC will be notified regarding procedures. For everyone else, requests for catering as well as food/beverage reimbursements will be denied unless receiving advance approval from their vice president. This includes the use of all funds:

  • State
  • Foundation
  • BASC College Support
  • BASC Other Agency Accounts
  • Research Foundation

For health and safety reasons, as well as due to its contract with the College, BASC is the exclusive provider of food and beverage for approved student events. No outside food will be allowed and any requests for reimbursement from external vendors will be denied.

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Karen Riotto: kriotto@brockport.edu

Posted: February 01, 2021