Jigsaw is Seeking Student Poetry, Fiction & Non-fiction Work

The latest cover of Jigsaw.

Jigsaw, the English Club’s student-run literary magazine is accepting submissions through March 15. The suggested theme is Life Cycle. Any interpretation is welcome and imagination is highly encouraged.

Please note that alternative artwork and writing are always welcome! Submissions must classify as poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, flash fiction, flash creative non-fiction, or artwork (including photography). Those not fitting into a category are subject to rejection. Authors are limited to 3 pieces overall, with the cap in the following categories being…

  • Three (3) poems
  • One (1) fiction piece
  • One (1) creative non-fiction piece
  • Two (2) flash fiction works
  • Three (3) artwork submissions
    • Please specify printing preference Color or black and white (though final printing choice will be made by the English Club)
    • Optionally include a brief artist’s statement describing the piece/the inspiration behind it (3 to 5 sentences)
    • Please also indicate whether or not you would like your art submission to be a contender for our cover contest, which the artist will receive credit for as our cover piece

There are no page limits to submissions, but there is a maximum word count of 3000 words for fiction/creative non-fiction short stories, 1000 words for flash fiction stories, and 52 lines for poetry. The English club may contact you by the email provided in your submission to request a rewrite for your approval. If no answer is given, submission may be subject to rejection. Note that your name should not appear anywhere on your submission. The English Club reserves the right to instantly reject a submission if a name is indicated on the document. WE READ SUBMISSIONS BLIND.

As of 2022, Jigsaw is working on publishing both in print and online. Our website is still a work in progress, contributors will be notified when it is up and running. Submissions will be accepted from alumni and non-Brockport students, but the magazine will be free of charge only to current Brockport students. Physical copies of Jigsaw will be available in the English Department after publication. Current students must show I.D.

Editors’ picks will receive special acknowledgment in Jigsaw. Submissions are welcome to contain “R” rated material but will be rejected if editors object to questionable or offensive content. The English Club is not obligated to publish a submission or disclose editing choice. We reserve the right to re-format literary and art submissions if they are don’t follow these guidelines:

  • A Word document (12 pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced for fiction/flash fiction/creative non-fiction, single spaced for poetry) If the type of font is intentional and necessary to the aesthetic of the piece, include a note in your submission…


  • A .jpg or .png of reasonable size with a minimum resolution of 300dpi (artwork only)

Submissions that we cannot reformat may be rejected. Credit will be given for the piece in the publication in which it is featured.

By submitting any piece, you agree that all work is your own, non-copyrighted material. Discipline may be administered for dishonesty, including but not limited to retraction and action by the Brockport Student Government or the College at Brockport, civil or legal. You also agree to all the guidelines and warnings mentioned by these bylaws.

If you would like your piece to be anonymous, please indicate so in your submission and/or email. If not indicated, your name will appear by your work in the magazine. Please indicate your name even if it is anonymous for editing purposes. Please also note that The English Club will inquire whether or not you’d like your piece to be published on our website when it is established.

Submissions sent to any other email except jigsaw@brockport.edu are not guaranteed for consideration.

Thank you for your contribution to your school’s literary magazine!

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