Coverage of Administrative Responsibilities for the Provost’s Office

The administrative responsibilities of the Provost’s Executive Assistant will be covered by other personnel during her absence.

The Provost’s Executive Assistant, Alyshia O’Connor, will be out of the office for the spring semester. Her administrative responsibilities will be covered by the following personnel:

  • Scheduling - Nancy Ensman and Julie Pruss
  • APT - Julie Pruss
  • Provost’s Council and AALT - Julie Pruss
  • Chair’s Council - Vickie Elsenheimer
  • Forms (Extra Service and Appointment) - Nancy Ensman
  • Purchasing - Kandie Gay
  • Sabbaticals - Vickie Elsenheimer
  • Honors and Awards - Chaley Swift
  • Position Request Process - Laurie Smith
  • Equipment Request Process - Nancy Ensman
  • Academic Master Planning Committee - Laurie Smith
  • PRODiG - Julie Pruss
  • Academic Affairs BBB - Chaley Swift
  • SUNY Program Review - Kandie Gay
  • Time Card Approval - Julie Pruss

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