Update on Kanopy Streaming Film Access

Streaming films made available to instructors and students on Kanopy expire exactly one year after access was previously purchased.

To avoid the potential of a title’s access ending unexpectedly, Drake Library has added the date it is available until to each Kanopy record in the library search. Additionally, we will begin sending out a monthly notice in the Daily Eagle with titles expiring soon. If any are still required viewing for a course, please either use Ask a Librarian or contact Dana Laird at dlaird@brockport.edu.

Below are titles that expired earlier in January or will expire in February:

Expiration Date Title
21 Jan 2022 Stopping for Death - The Nurses of Wells Hospice
21 Jan 2022 Holy Motors
21 Jan 2022 Sins Invalid: An Unshamed Claim to Beauty (playlist)
21 Jan 2022 Care - Care Workers, Their Clients, and a Coming Crisis
11 Feb 2022 Soledad

16 Feb 2022

White Like Me - Race, Racism & White Privilege in America

Original Notice from September 2021:

Kanopy Streaming Videos Moved to Moderated Access

Kanopy videos that have not yet been licensed must now be accessed through a request process. Titles with purchased licenses can be viewed instantly.

Due to budget constraints, access to streaming videos on the Kanopy platform have been moved to “moderated access.” Titles with purchased licenses will be findable in the catalog and instantly viewable.

Titles that have not yet been licensed will only show on Kanopy and will be requestable. Requests will be evaluated based on the need and availability of similar content among already-owned videos. To facilitate this process, please contact the library as soon as possible if you have plans to assign videos for fall classes that are not currently in our collection.

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Author: Dana Laird



Posted: January 31, 2022