Darcy Porter | February 03, 2022

Real-Live Rooms: Kobie Fraser

Take a look inside Brockport’s best-decorated residence hall rooms.

Kobie Fraser sits at her desk in her dorm room

Name: Kobie Fraser

Class Year: Sophomore, 2024

Major: Social Work & African American Studies

Residence Hall: Briggs

Campus Living Q&A:

What brought you to Brockport?

Fraser: “The community! I did thorough research when it came to Brockport because I wanted to make sure I’d have a home away from home. After talking to several sources, I felt confident that Brockport had the strong sense of community and welcoming spirit I was looking for. “

What’s your favorite part about Brockport now that you’re here?

“I love the library. It’s nothing like the libraries I’m used to. The librarians are extremely friendly and welcoming and it’s a fun place to hang out, study or even get food from the café.”

Fraser's dorm room decorations with CDs and posters on the walls

Down to the Details

Where did you do most of your décor shopping?

Trader Shag’s Music Emporium! It’s on Main Street, where there are also lots of other hidden gem stores. I got my big posters, smaller postcards and CDs from there. Also:

  • Amazon: I added to my poster collection with some medium-sized posters, which were a great price!
  • Walmart: for my bedding, TV, mirror and lamp.

Favorite 3 items: Close up of Fraser's wall art, including CDs, music posters and LED lights.

  1. Scent diffuser: I love that the scent fills up the entire suite. Plus, it has a light that gives off the perfect ambiance. Makes life easier since the scents last longer than any air freshener I’ve used.
  2. My clothes hamper with wheels: Best investment EVER. Sometimes you’ll have a ton of laundry and having to drag a hamper around is no fun. The wheels are a game-changer.
  3. A good speaker: I’ve always been a fan of music, so all I really need is a good speaker and I’ll be happy! 


Tips for Decorating a Dorm Room:

  • This is your space. Make sure that however you decorate it, it feels safe, warm and comfortable.
  • You can never go wrong with lots of wall art and LED lights. These really pull the whole room together.
  • Pinterest is your best friend! So many ideas for inspiration.

Close up of blue LED lights that wrap around her bed frame.

Can’t live without:

Her back pillow, which she calls a college essential, “especially when you just want to cozy up and do homework from bed.”

Advice for next year’s freshmen?

College is a time of growth! Don’t be afraid to switch majors, bounce around to different friend groups, and try classes (gen eds) in topics you’re unfamiliar with. This is the time to experiment, and when you do, it’ll help you find out who you really are.