Session 4: Doug Della Pietra

Doug Pietra

Listening: Not Shutting Up, But Opening Up. In this session, we will review some proven listening and speaking skills and practice them so that we strengthen our ability to quiet our inner debater and listen better to others — family, friends, classmates, coworkers, and anyone for that matter. By session end, you will feel more confident about your listening skills and your ability to speak your point of view so that others don’t shut down.

Listening isn’t being quiet while the other person talks and planning what to say next. We “listen” like that all too frequently, and this contributes to polarization and the appearance that the political divide is greater than it really is. True listening involves quieting our inner debater so that we can listen to and understand what the other person believes and means.

Doug Della Pietra

Braver Angels Moderator
26 Birch Lane
Fairport, NY 14450
(585) 406-0114

Doug Della Pietra is a lifelong resident of the Rochester-area, currently living in Fairport. Doug is the Director, Hospital Operations at Rochester General Hospital. To achieve positive change, progress, and simply get things accomplished, leaders need to know how to listen to understand rather than debate to win. That is what makes Doug’s 25+ years in the non-profit sector and his time-tested skills as a facilitator and qualified moderator with Braver Angels core leadership competencies for our time. As a fun anecdote, Doug enjoys nature photography, walking on the canal path, playing pickup basketball, reading, composing instrumental piano pieces, and spending time babysitting his four grandchildren with his wife Nancy.

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