SUNY Technology Accelerator Fund (TAF)

Different from fundamental research, TAF investments support proof-of-concept and technology development projects to validate the commercial feasibility of SUNY technology. The aim is to identify opportunities where small investments will provide significant impacts on making SUNY innovations available to the public.

TAF’s goal is to facilitate the translation of SUNY technology into marketable products and/or services by enhancing strategic academic-industry partnerships and building new entrepreneurial ventures.

Tapping into the entrepreneurial spirit and wide-ranging expertise of SUNY faculty, the TAF set out to identify opportunities where strategic investments can make a significant impact on moving products and services based on SUNY-developed technology to the marketplace.

A significant obstacle to the development and transfer of university technology is the lack of funding for promising discoveries after government-sponsored support ends and before a licensee or venture-capital support is secured. The TAF program bridges that gap for SUNY researchers. They now have the means to gain funding for select technologies to accelerate their development and commercialization.

If you are interested in applying, please contact Justine Briggs.

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Justine Briggs:

Posted: January 12, 2022