November 2021 Bravo Awards

Bravo is an opportunity for employees to recognize and celebrate the good work of their SUNY Brockport colleagues. See who was recognized in November 2021, December recipients are forthcoming.

During the month of November 2021, 39 Bravo Awards were given to Brockport faculty and staff for doing a great job. December recipients are forthcoming.

Congratulations to all the November 2021 Recipients

  • Gena Acciaio
  • Mike Andriatch
  • Teresa Barbieri
  • Scott Bennett
  • Cody Butlin
  • Kate Colantonio-Yurko
  • Jim Cowen
  • Gary Delaura
  • Kathy Fanning
  • Gwen Ferchen
  • Meghan Finnerty
  • Julie Ford
  • Gary Frye
  • D’Arcy Gaisser
  • Kyle Green
  • Scott Haines
  • Nikki Hall
  • Alisa James
  • Jeff Lashbrook
  • Lynne Maier
  • Stephen Miller
  • Rebecca Monacelli
  • Jason Morris
  • Richard Morrison
  • Jacob Nickell
  • Dan Quinn
  • Heidi Rademacher
  • Erin Rickman
  • Brad Schreiber
  • Karen Schuhle-Williams
  • Amy Shema
  • Jessica Sniatecki
  • Jamie Spiller
  • Natalie Svrcek
  • Chris Swift
  • Emily Teator
  • Jill Young
  • Joel Zastrow
  • Kimberly Ziegler

Recognizing someone with a Bravo award is as simple as filling out and submitting a nomination form. Your entry generates a certificate that is presented to the recognized employee. The recognized employee’s supervisor will be notified as well.

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Nancy Ensman:

Posted: January 04, 2022