Childhood Psychology Internship at Children’s Institute of Rochester

Kheira Laroussi at Children's Institute
Kheira Laroussi, a psychology major at SUNY Brockport, recently completed an internship at the Children’s Institute of Rochester during the Fall 2021 semester.

Kheira Laroussi completed an internship at Children’s Institute, which aims to raise every child’s well-being by fostering supportive communities where children can thrive as they live, learn, and play. Kheira worked alongside an Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant and visited childcare centers in the Rochester area to work with children who displayed challenging behaviors. She collaborated with her supervisor to create a behavioral support plan, and helped the child, teachers, and center implement the plan. This experience allowed Kheira to use her knowledge and skills learned in psychology courses to positively impact a child’s life.

Kheira also conducted research on the influence of dance and movement on the social-emotional health of children. She created and implemented her own dance and movement sessions in one of the classrooms, and measured the change in mood among the children who participated before and after each session. This opportunity helped Kheira become more confident in her abilities, and the staff at Children’s Institute were excited to hear about her findings. Overall, Kheira’s internship allowed her to grow both personally and professionally. Kheira is currently applying to master’s programs in School Counseling.

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Laurel McNall:

Posted: December 21, 2021