Bravo Awards for December 2020

Bravo is an opportunity for employees to recognize and celebrate the good work of their SUNY Brockport colleagues.

During the month of December 2020, Bravo Awards were given to SUNY Brockport faculty and staff for doing a great job.

Congratulations to all the recipients:

  • Krystal Perlman
  • Jeff Thompson
  • Kristin Hartway
  • Sue Clase
  • Pat Maxwell

Recognizing someone with a Bravo award is as simple as filling out and submitting the attached Mach Form to nominate a co-worker, which then generates a certificate that will be presented to the recognized employee. The recognized employee’s supervisor will be notified as well.

Fill out the Bravo nomination form and nominate one of your colleagues.

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Kim Vonburen:

Posted: January 20, 2021