SUNY Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan

All employees are eligible to participate in a SUNY Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan. A full description of the plans 403(b), Roth 403(b), NYS Deferred Compensation Plan (457), 2022 Universal Availability Notice, and investment providers can be found online.

Whether you want to enroll in the plan for the first time, or you are currently enrolled but wish to change the amount of your deferral, log into the retirement and enrollment management system, Retirement@work.

The amount employees may contribute to the SUNY Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan in 2022 is $20,500.  Employees who are or will be 50 years of age in the 2022 calendar year may contribute an additional $6,500.

The guidelines are as follows:


Under 50

Over 50

2022 contribution



Additional Contributions Allowed



Each individual has one limit for contributions to all 403(b) plans, so if you are also a participant in a 403(b)/Roth 403(b) plan of another employer, your combined contributions to that plan and to the SUNY Voluntary Savings Plan in 2022 are generally limited to $20,500.  If you do participate in more than one 403(b)/Roth 403(b) plan, you are responsible for tracking and reporting the amount of all of your contributions to the plans so that the total amount of all your contributions to all plans in which you participate do not exceed the limit.

All employees who wish to make a change for the first check-in the 2022 calendar year must submit their changes through Retirement@work no later than December 14, 2021, indicating January 1, 2022, for the Effective Date.

The provider contact information is as follows:

  • TIAA: Michael Spogli 1-800-842-2252
  • VOYA: Gary Witten 1-800-326-8410
  • AIG (VALIC): Gene Boyer 716-625-6066
  • Fidelity Investments: 1-844-FOR-SUNY (844-367-7869)
  • NYS Deferred Compensation Plan (NYSDCP) 1-800-422-8463

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Posted: December 08, 2021