Environmental Science & Ecology Graduate Students & Faculty Present Research at National Conference

Kylee Wilson, Kyle Morton, Aaron Heisey, Dr. Matthew Altenritter, and Dr. Jacques Rinchard presented their research at the 151st Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society meeting.

The meeting brought together professionals from across North America and countries throughout the world to discuss the past, present, and future of fisheries science under the theme “Investing in People, Habitat, and Science”. The meeting was held in person in Baltimore and virtually from November 6 to 10.

  • Wilson, K. and M. Altenritter. Characterizing spatial and temporal variability in movement patterns of Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens) inhabiting two barrier protected wetlands and Lake Ontario.
  • Morton, K., D. Gorsky, D. Dittman, and M. Altenritter. Juvenile Lake Sturgeon on the move: use of tributary and nearshore Lake Ontario habitats.
  • Heisey, A., C. Osborne, M. Futia, B. Lantry, J. Goretske, and J. Rinchard. Spatial variability and strain differences in thiamin concentration in Lake Ontario Lake Trout between 2019 and 2020.

In addition, Dr. Altenritter and Dr. Rinchard co-authored several other presentations:

  • Ingram, E., M. Altenritter, K. Wilson, K. McCartin, and M. Frisk. Verification of Atlantic Sturgeon microchemistry analysis from acoustic telemetry.
  • Johnson, R., C. Jeffres, B. Finney, S. Litvin, J. Field, B. Kormos, I. Ruiz-Cooley, J. Rinchard, D. Tillitt, S. Lindley, N. Mantua, and D. Honeyfield. Diet isotope chronology reveals linkages between marine food webs, thiamine deficiency, and reproductive failure in California Chinook Salmon.
  • Osborne, C., M. Futia, M. Connerton, A. Fisk, D. Gorsky, A. Heisey, T. Johnson, B. Lantry, and J. Rinchard. Egg thiamin concentrations reflect dietary differences among humper and lean Lake Trout morphotypes in Lake Ontario.

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Jacques Rinchard: jrinchar@brockport.edu

Posted: November 09, 2021