Due Today: Summer Undergraduate Research Program Applications

The Summer Undergraduate Research program is a collaboration — a means to discover, create, and acquire new knowledge and methods for students during the summer. The deadline to apply is March 4.

The Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) is an opportunity for students to fully engage in a hands-on educational experience of scholarship, research, and creative activity with a faculty mentor.

It’s time to develop a summer research proposal. SURP supports ongoing scholarly and creative activities that exemplify learning while doing, where undergraduate students are actively engaged in discovery with a faculty mentor during the summer. Funding for a stipend and/or housing is from the Brockport College Foundation.

Application Process:

Student Application: Opens Tuesday, January 26, Closes Thursday, March 4 at 5 pm
This should be written by the student applicant in the student’s words and should involve a collaboration effort between the student and faculty mentor.

Apply Now

Mentor Recommendation:

Opens Tuesday, January 26, Closes Friday, March 5 at 5 pm
The link to this form will be emailed to a student’s identified faculty mentor once the student application is submitted. This should be written and submitted by the faculty mentor.


Individually scheduled on March 24, 25, or 26.
This is a 15-minute interview with the ranking committee. During this interview, the student applicant will be asked about the project and the potential impact this experience will have on their future goals.

Orientation Meeting:

Monday, April 26 or Tuesday, April 27 from 2 – 3 pm
Once selected for the program, student interns and faculty mentors will attend a one-hour mandatory meeting. Identical details will be shared at each meeting; only one orientation meeting is required.

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