Joint Planning & Budget Committee (JPBC) Update

JPBC received multiple presentations in the month of October and has begun planning for a newly approved JPBC subcommittee, Instructional Technology and Classroom Renovation subcommittee. The next meeting will be on November 18 at 8:30 am.

The Joint Planning and Budget Committee (JPBC) is a presidential advisory committee representing the college community. It serves as the institutional oversight body to ensure that institutional goals and division level planning and budgeting are interlinked and informed by assessment to advance the strategic goals and priorities established in Building a Better Brockport, the strategic plan for the College. The committee meets on select Thursdays from 8:30 - 10:30 am throughout the academic year. Meetings are open and the SUNY Brockport community is encouraged to attend. Also, each month activities of the committee will be shared by way of the Daily Eagle.

During the month of October, JPBC received presentations and budget prioritization requests from Goal Groups 2, 3, and 4 and also received a 5-year financial model update. On October 28, JPBC co-chairs Jim Wall and Darson Rhodes participated in the Budget Town Hall. Also, JPBC has begun planning for the assembly of the approved Instructional Technology and Classroom Renovation (ITCR) subcommittee. The ITCR will complete a teaching spaces needs assessment, which will include campus community input, to determine the instructional technology and classroom renovations necessary to ensure an excellent educational experience in an inclusive and accessible learning environment. Subsequently, the sub-committee will annually recommend needed instructional technology upgrades as well as essential classroom renovations on a classroom-by-classroom basis and will provide updates to the campus community on their work. Their recommendations to JPBC will form the basis for allocation of instructional technology funds and physical space improvements for specific classrooms or associated teaching spaces each year. 

In November, there will be one meeting held on the 18th in Teams at 8:30 am which will include a presentation and budget prioritization requests from Goal Group 1, Campus Based Fee Review Committee annual update, and a presentation from the Provost on Academic Strategic Planning. The Teams link will be provided in the Daily Eagle in the days preceding the meeting.

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Darson Rhodes:

Posted: November 04, 2021