Does Everything We Dispose of Go to the Landfill?

No, significant amounts of college-generated waste end up in places other than the landfill. Here’s an overview of where most of our solid waste ends up or takes on another life.


SUNY Brockport’s long-standing recycling program is fully integrated into our daily operations.  Facilities Maintenance and Operations provides recycling bins for offices, classrooms, and other interior public areas.  We also provide exterior recycling containers across the campus.  Often found next to a container that is marked for “Landfill.”

The program targets single-stream or “mixed recycling.”  In many of our buildings, recyclables are collected in large wheeled bins.  These bins are picked up at least weekly by our Grounds Team staff.  The loaded bins are swapped for empties and then taken to a dedicated area of the Chapman Building.  There the recyclables are emptied into a large stationary compactor.  When the compactor is full, a licensed hauler picks up our recyclables in dedicated trucks and transports them to a local recycling processing facility.

The college produces about 74 tons of recyclable materials and 40 tons of scrap metal annually.  Other examples of our recycling efforts include separate waste streams for electronics, batteries, motor oil, and fluorescent bulbs (most have now been converted to LED).  Even the mattresses rotated out of the residential buildings are recycled.  That’s why a semi-trailer or two is often parked in lot A during the summer.

Non-Regulated (Landfilled) Waste

Items that are not recyclable and not regulated must get disposed in trash bins.  From there, our housekeeping staff takes the trash out to a dumpster which is most often located at a loading dock or other accessible points near campus buildings.  We have 25 dumpsters on campus.  Each dumpster is scheduled for regular pick-up between one and three times per week, dependent upon typical usage.  The college has contracted a licensed hauler, separate from the company that picks up our recyclables, to remove non-recyclable trash and transport to a permitted landfill facility.  The college averages just over 1,000 tons of landfilled waste annually.  This doesn’t include waste from the dining halls.  BASC has a separate waste removal and reduction program.

How to Participate in our Recycling Program

Place all recyclable materials in your blue recycling bin.  If you anticipate a larger volume of materials to be recycled, please contact the Facilities Service Center at ext. 2408 to make arrangements to have large tote bins delivered to your area.

The following products should be recycled:

  • Computer paper
  • Books
  • Junk mail
  • Cardboard (both compressed and corrugated)
  • Glass (clear and colored)
  • Metal and Plastic Containers

You do not need to remove covers, paper clips, or staples when recycling.


  • Use double-sided printing and copying
  • Use email instead of paper mail
  • Remove your name from junk mailing lists by contacting the sender


  • Use washable dishware, mugs, glasses, and utensils instead of disposable ones
  • Use reusable inter-office envelopes for campus mail.

Use Recycled Products

  • Using products made from recycled materials improves the markets for our recyclables
  • Check the product labels to see if the product contains recycled materials
  • Contact the College’s Purchasing Department to assist you in identifying sources of recycled products.

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Kevin Rice:

Posted: November 01, 2021