Meghan Finnerty & Zach Lyman | November 23, 2021

SUNY Brockport has a New Space for Esports: The Gamer Suite

Q&A with Esports President Daniel Holmes about the new space and its value to SUNY Brockport.
Student putting on a gaming headset before playing a game

Class year: Senior
Major: Bio Education

Room Hours & Location: Seymour Union B105.

“We have open room hours Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 5:30 - 10:30 pm. We play whatever games we have available. For those interested in specific games as a “team” style, we do have specified days where resources will be allocated to those groups. Saturdays for Valorant and Sundays for League of Legends and Rocket League. Super Smash Bros Ultimate generally is always going on in the room, but we do have it listed as a Friday activity.”

Who can use the room?

Nintendo switch


“Any Brockport student. We are welcoming to all. The more the merrier. People are allowed to bring in their own stuff too. Students must be signed up for the club through myBrockport and club sports and complete the easy registration form.”

Why do we have an Esports room? 

“Esports started as a means to get students that are interested in video games to play together. Our long-term goal is to compete with other colleges in our various games of choice, but as of right now we are focused on the casual environment. We want to have a good vibe going and want to connect students with one another to make friendships and have gaming partners that they would otherwise not have.”

Students gaming in the room

What was the plan for the room design?

“We hope to simply have the room grouped up by system and/or game. This is why we have the computers in the middle, the switches off to the left of the entrance, and the Xboxes and PS4 in the corner of the room.”

Alienware computer


What are the best items in there?

“The computers are awesome, they have enough power to run any game at the desired quality. The only downside is the disk space they have, but we are working on a fix. We also love the little smash brothers gaming corner we have. We have a very fun set of people always playing and it is always good to see people enjoy one of my favorite games.”

How did you come to join? What’s it like being the president?

“I was interested when it was first being looked into at Club Craze 2019. I became an officer since day one to try and get it up off the ground. It wasn’t until this year where we were able to really do a lot with the club. I love seeing all of the new faces. The interest in the club has only grown exponentially. I am currently a co-president of the club, as I am easing the transition off to our new staffing of wonderful officers. They have so many great ideas for Esports and I help to bridge that gap of what we have done in the past with these new ideas we have now.”

What do you like about Esports?

“Just being able to play and meet new people. Ever since I was a little kid, I grew up playing various platforming games with my brother and father. That love of gaming only progressed. When going to Esports, I can share that love with others of similar interests and am able to play games with them where I otherwise wouldn’t know who they are.”

Gaming chairs around a white board

What’s the official name of the room?

“I don’t think we ever set an official name to the room, but I would call it The Gamer Suite.”

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