Brockport Young Professionals Gathering - October “Nuncheon”

Faculty/staff...come one, come all! Bring or buy your own lunch and join in on the conversation with colleagues in the Seymour Union Room 185 at 12 pm on October 29.

Meet new friends and talk to familiar colleagues over lunch. Find out more about BYP and what we have in store for next month. Seymour Union Room 185

Brockport Young Professionals…is a social community within the larger Brockport community dedicated to building meaningful relationships across the divisions outside of our work responsibilities. Young is relative…years as a professional, years at Brockport, years in the division, at heart, at mind, etc. Join in on the conversation whether you are new or distinguished.  

For those who are seeking one or more of the following:  

  1. Seeking to connect with colleagues from across the campus community.  
  2. Searching for more connections beyond the tasks in a workday.  
  3. Engaging beyond the typical meeting in socials, professional development, recreation, and more.    
  4. Wanting to improve their careers, enrich their social lives, and bolster their character.  

With a fresh start back on campus, we are looking to build this group back up and move forward with more activities and participation.  
The organization invites all members of the SUNY Brockport faculty/staff community. 

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Garrett W. Roe: (585) 395-5105,

Posted: October 26, 2021