Join the EagleSUCCESS Faculty Advisory Board

The Academic Success Center is searching for engaged faculty to help us better understand, share and utilize EagleSUCCESS. We can both learn from each other and positively impact how we connect our students to the support we know they need.

The EagleSUCCESS Faculty Advisory Board meets with Academic Success Center leadership to discuss the best way to utilize EagleSUCCESS across campus. 

By engaging on this committee, Faculty can both better understand the EagleSUCCESS system and give the ASC valuable insight on the faculty perspective of utilizing the system. 

There are many ways we can utilize EagleSUCCESS as a campus and we know most individuals only uses a fraction of what they could. We want to learn together to better support our students, faculty, and staff in getting the help they need!

If you are interested or would like to learn more, please email Thomas Chew.

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Thomas Chew:

Posted: October 15, 2021