EagleCARES Center: A New Web-Based Resource for Students

EagleCARES is a comprehensive platform that provides resources for students in seven main categories including: Emotional/Mental Health, Social, Physical, Academics, Financial, Spiritual, and Sex and Relationships. 

Sometimes students are just not sure where to get help. This webpage can serve as a one-stop-shop to learn about their concern(s) and get connected to the services or departments that can help them. Whether the concern is about test anxiety, a relationship breakup, falling behind in classes or having food insecurity, this is one webpage where students can access just about any college life concern they may be experiencing. 

The EagleCares platform is intuitive and concerns can be easily accessed with a word search, by reviewing a list of concerns in each category and/or an alphabetized list of issues/conditions. Students can then access the Brockport-specific services and support, and other community and national resources in order to get help.

You will find the weblink to the EagleCares Center on several webpages including, ASC, Hazen Health and Counseling Centers, SBCT and SAS.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to refer students to this comprehensive webpage. 



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