Baskets Still Needed for Annual Veterans Day Basket Raffle

Baskets are needed to raffle off for our annual Veterans Day Basket Raffle to be held on November 10, 2021. 

This year’s basket raffle will be virtual. Please send pictures of the basket, a list of all items, and a list of all participants to Gena Acciaio, by Wednesday, October 27, 2021.


(Live Drawing at 12:15 pm, November 10)

  1. Find a box, container, or anything fillable. Add items.
  2. Take a photo and create a list of items. The basket needs to be held by donating office until a winner is drawn. Contact information will be shared through phone or email.
  3. Submit to
  4. Basket display will be shared through Brockport Today and Daily Eagle Nov 4 - 9
    1. DEADLINE for submitting baskets: Wednesday, October 27

Events sponsored by the Military Support & Engagement Committee #BportVetsDay

Proceeds go to the Gary Beikirch Military Service Scholarship

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