Procurement Approval Process

Please note the new procurement process for purchases $2500 and above.

In lieu of the recent guidance to State-operated campuses for expense controls, President’s Cabinet determined that SUNY Brockport would retain the following procudures:

  • All purchases of $2500 or more must have written approval by the Provost, Vice President, or President prior to submitting a purchase requistion to Procurement and Payment Services
  • In turn, every week, Procurement and Payment Services will provide President’s Cabinet with a list of purchase requistions received to review.
  • Upon review and approval by President’s Cabinet, Procurement and Payment Services will be notified to begin the procurement process.  Please note, this process may take time to obtain multiple approvals, so plan accordingly.   

All procurement guidelines and dollar thresholds remain in effect.  Failure to submit a fully completed requistion, including supporting documentation, may result in processing delays.  In addition, departments may be asked to submit additional documentation or justfication to support purchases.

As always, if you have a large or complex procurement, it is highly recommended that our office be involved early in the process.

Your understanding and cooperation are most appreciated.  Should you have any questions, please contact Director of Campus Services Mark Stacy.

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Mark Stacy:

Posted: October 07, 2021