SEFA Campaign Update: Help Us Show Rochester Our Brockport Spirit

We are approaching 50 percent of our fundraising goal for local Rochester-area charities through this year’s SEFA Campaign, with less than one week left. Help us by supporting a nonprofit of your choice through this year’s SEFA Campaign and win a special prize.

Not sure what charity to support through this year’s SEFA Campaign?  

How about the Rochester Center for Youth? 

Kendra was on track to graduate from high school a year early and had dreams of getting a degree from RIT. But that all came crashing to a halt when her father passed away. Family and home issues caused her grades to slip, along with her dreams for early graduation. Kendra didn’t know what each day would bring—if she would be able to go to school or if there would be enough food for dinner.  

Kendra took a leap of faith and found herself at a partner shelter for homeless teens at the Center for Youth. It was there that Kendra found what she began to describe as home. Her own bed, a dresser all to herself and structure and support to help her thrive. “I didn’t just get a bed, I got a foundation,” Kendra said. “Coming to the shelter was the best thing that could have happened to me. It opened up so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have had before.”  

According to Elaine Spaull, Executive Director at the Center for Youth, most teens that come to the shelter are facing abuse, neglect or both at home. This can cause them to do poorly or drop out of school altogether, making them more likely to live in poverty. Being at the shelter allowed Kendra to focus on school. She improved her grades, entered a long-term housing program to live on her own and eventually fulfilled her dream of becoming an RIT graduate.  

Your donation to agencies like Center for Youth helps Kendra and more than 39,900 other people in 21 local programs get access to benefits and services that put them on a path to independence and self-sufficiency. 

Be a part of the solution by giving back what you can. Visit the link below to make a SEFA Campaign contribution today. Thank you for your support!  

We are almost at 50% of our fundraising goal, with 6 days left in this year’s campaign. Visit to help us reach our goal, and help local nonprofits continue their crucial work in these increasingly uncertain times.

Those who donate to the SEFA Campaign will receive a special gift as a show of appreciation for your support. Stay tuned and donate to find out what it will be! 

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Emily Teator:

Posted: September 23, 2021