Real-Live Rooms: Amy Seye

Take a look inside Brockport’s best-decorated residence hall rooms.

Amy sitting on her bed

Name: Amy Seye

Class Year: Sophomore, 2024

Major: Social Work

Residence Hall: Briggs

Campus Living Q&A:

What brought you to Brockport?

Seye: “What brought me to Brockport initially was the nursing program. But I also loved how green and peaceful the campus is.”

What’s your favorite part about Brockport now that you’re here?

“Being from the city, I really enjoy being in a setting that’s so peaceful. The people are very nice and respectful, which is another difference from what I’m used to in the city.”

bedroom decor in briggs hall

Down to the Details

Favorite 3 items:  projector set up on bed frame

  1. Her projector, which gives the room a movie theater vibe. 
  2. Blackout curtains. Seye says she likes for her room to be dark at all times, which also helps make the projector pop. 
  3. Her bed! Being in a single room in Briggs, Seye was able to push both beds together to make a bed big enough for a king. Even if it’s not technically as big as a king, she loves having such a comfy space to herself. 

Tips for Decorating a Dorm Room:

  • Look for inspiration on Pinterest and social media.
  • Try to get an idea of the room layout ahead of time so everything fits without unnecessary spending.
  • Shop at stores like Amazon & Target, where you can find cute, affordable decor.

wall art in dorm room

Can’t live without:

Her friends! Seye credits them for being her support system and the reason why her college experience has been so good.

Advice for next year’s freshmen?

“Bring whatever you feel like you need. Don’t be worried about lack of space because a day will come when you need it. Also: invest in a good mattress topper and vacuum.”