Ever Wonder Who Cares for the 40+ Buildings on Campus?

SUNY Brockport Housekeeping staff routinely provides the campus community with a clean, healthy, and orderly environment in which to learn, work and socialize.

Our Campus Housekeepers work in a wide variety of spaces such as common areas, classrooms, labs, hallways, restrooms, and athletic venues.  Housekeeping also provides assistance with snow removal from the steps and ramps immediately adjacent to many buildings.  The campus has over 640 individual steps that must be cleared with each snowstorm.

A key aspect of their duties is to promote an environmentally and fiscally sustainable campus.

Green Cleaning

While reducing cleaning supply costs, the Housekeeping Department has been moving toward a more sustainable, environmentally friendly cleaning program. All of the paper products now in use are made from 100% recycled content with post-consumer content higher than EPA guidelines. The vast majority of cleaning chemicals we use daily have been replaced with green certified products to be conducive with the environmental goals of SUNY Brockport.  We have incorporated the use of portion control equipment such as dispensers of soap and hand towels in order to be more efficient in eliminating waste, cutting down on chemical usage, water usage, and labor time. We use cleaning cloths that can be laundered in house and reused to reduce waste. Vacuum cleaners carry the Green Label from the Carpet and Rug Institute indicating that they improve indoor housekeeping air quality by using efficient filters to trap particulates.

If you have a special or immediate cleaning request, please contact the Facilities & Planning Service Center at (585) 395-2408. This line is answered 24/7/365.

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