SUNY Brockport’s New Golden Eagle Academy Welcomes First In-Person Class

Student getting help at the Golden Eagle Academy

From August 22 to 26 about 20 students came to campus for a new program aimed at easing the transition to college.

The Golden Eagle Academy, a program spearheaded by the Academic Success Center at SUNY Brockport aimed at helping people of color, emerging scholars, and first-generation students transition to college, held its first in-person academy in August.

Students moved into their fall housing assignments early then met for five days of sessions, meals, and group activities.

Linique Robinson, who attended the academy said, “at first, I was unsure as to how the program would help me. But I’ve come to realize I would not be as comfortable as I am now at the school without it. The program helped me to get used to finding my way around campus, learn how to make friends. And it activated my brain after not doing school work all summer.”

The academy launched last year, but virtually.

“Being in-person will definitely create some social skills and just opportunities to be more personal,” said Zaula Kennedy, an academic advisor. “Skills that (students) may have lost in the virtual world.”

“I joined this program to get a better understanding of college life and my campus in general before I was overwhelmed about all the people. Especially with COVID and not seeing that many people in a while. This program definitely helped myself and my outlook on life,” said student Alexander Imperi.

The first session started with introducing a syllabus, a key tool in college success. It was the first time most students ever saw one. Kennedy said introducing one earlier helps students understand scheduling and the need to prepare in advance.

The academy also helped students develop many soft skills including time management, public speaking, classroom interaction, and social skills. Students attended daily workshops and presentations where they met peers, campus leadership, faculty, and staff.

“It’s a chance for them to get to know the campus and some professionals. Learning familiar faces,” Kennedy said. “Which in turn might make them feel more comfortable in their first year at Brockport.”

Student Karima Pargan couldn’t agree more. “I met several professors and administrators that gave insight on proactive habits to best help my transition into college,” she said. “It is currently my second day of class and I feel confident in what I am doing, and I do not think I would have felt this if I did not attend the Academy.”

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Author: Meghan Finnerty

Posted: September 14, 2021