Campus Energy Management

The campus Energy Management Program and National Grid have partnered on 23 energy reducing projects over the last six years resulting in an annual CO2 emissions savings of 1,527 tons.

This partnership has also resulted in an annual savings of approximately $185,000 from annual reduction of 2,775.787 KWH of electrical use. Additionally, projects are being planned to continue to drive down the operating costs of the college physical plant. A few examples of the projects planned are continued conversion of lighting to LED, installation of energy efficient motors that drive our heating/cooling system pumps, and enhanced technology to collect data and assist us in earlier interventions with climate control issues to save us energy.

Please remember, the cleanest and cheapest energy is that which isn’t used. Partnering with our various utility providers will continue to reduce SUNY Brockport’s carbon footprint, which is the main focus of the Energy Management Program.

All of our energy management efforts contribute directly to both fiscal and environmental sustainability which is reflected in College Goal 3 - To be a Sustainable Institution for the 21st Century.

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Kevin Rice:

Posted: September 10, 2021