Dr. Joe Chesebro recieves the 2021 Presidential Teaching Excellence Award

Dr. Chesebro wins Presidential Teaching Award. Standing with the President holding his plaque.
Dr. Joe Chesebro was selected as recipient of the 2021 Presidential Teaching Excellence Award, which recognizes and celebrates excellent teaching.

Congratulations to Dr. Joe Chesebro, who received the 2021 Presidential Teaching Excellence Award! This award is presented yearly to faculty who demonstrate exceptional teaching. Award winners are nominated by students, who submit letters of nomination highlighting the faculty member’s commitment to their students. Dr. Chesebro was nominated by multiple students who all emphasized his compassion, engagement, and enthusiasm. 

One student noted: “Dr. Chesebro is everything you would want to look for in a teacher… I always looked forward to that class because the enthusiasm he brought to the material and how much he cared about us as students and as individuals ultimately… Dr. Chesebro is an amazing, kind, and thoughtful teacher and anyone who is able to learn from him will leave his class as a better human being.

Another shared the multiple reasons they nominated Dr. Chesebro: “First, he is an outstanding lecturer and professor. His ability to connect and relate to students is something that is rarely seen. Second, his continued sense of optimism has given me the same outlook. Everyday he comes into class and brings an energy to the classroom that makes you want to be there. Third, outside of his lecturing, Professor Chesebro takes genuine consideration of his students. Some professors go in, do their jobs and leave. Not him. He goes in and truly tries to engage and learn about his students’ lives.”

The Department of Communication is fortunate to have such an outstanding faculty member. Dr. Chesebro’s ability to engage with students, to make them feel welcome, and to help them grow and develop is truly remarkable. He is a committed teacher and mentor, and we are incredibly proud of him for this well-deserved honor. Congratulations, Dr. Chesebro! 

If you would like to send Dr. Chesebro a note of congratulations, his email is jchesebr@brockport.edu

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Author: Veronica Droser

Posted: September 03, 2021