Facilities Maintenance & Operations Maintains its Focus on Public Areas

Facilities Maintenance and Operations continues to maintain a focus on public areas to keep all campus students, employees, and visitors safe. As most of you know, the facilities staff were tasked with many different operations to help against COVID-19.

This year as guidance has changed and more people are coming back to campus, we wanted to share some of the protocols that we will be continuing to do to keep our campus community safe.

Protocols that Will Remain in Place:

  • Employing more frequent cleaning and specifically high touch surface cleaning and disinfecting as well as utilizing enhanced cleaners/disinfectants.
  • Offering more hand sanitizing and/or disinfecting wipes stations throughout campus.
  • Offering disposable masks at teacher stations and lecterns in all classrooms and for anyone that needs a disposable mask on campus, one can always be picked up at our Facilities Service Center located at the Commissary building or by calling (585) 395-2408.
  • Deploying electrostatic sprayers for deeper cleaning in spaces such as gyms/athletic spaces etc.
  • Discontinuing trash collection in private office spaces.  Private offices will be thoroughly cleaned during the summer break.  If needed, faculty and staff may submit a request to have their private office cleaned by Custodial Staff on an as-needed basis.  Please reach out to one of our cleaning professionals in your building or reach out to the Facilities Service Center at 395-2408 and we will be happy to let you know where the closest trash collection area in your building is located.
  • Removing water fountains and replacing them with bottle filling stations (this is an ongoing project as funding allows).
  • Increasing the number of touchless fixtures where appropriate to do so and funding allows. 

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Facilities Service Center: servicecenter@brockport.edu

Posted: August 30, 2021