Facilities Maintenance & Operations Continues to Work 24/7 to Keep the Campus Running

After midnight, before dawn, and long into the hot summer afternoons, our crews have been on campus keeping our buildings safe and helping ensure the college runs.

While many are asleep at home, they are scrubbing, repairing, and maintaining every facet of the campus. When the classrooms and common areas are empty, they are getting them prepped for the campus community. These are the quiet, diligent housekeeping, maintenance, and grounds workers at SUNY Brockport.  While they often go unseen and unnamed, they are the reason the college is ready to fulfill its primary mission.

How can you say thank you?

  • Extend a Personal Acknowledgement.
  • A quick one-on-one conversation goes a long way.

While this may not seem like a grandiose enough gesture given all that they do, a sincere thank you acknowledging the staff and their contributions can mean a lot.

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Kevin Rice: krice@brockport.edu

Posted: August 23, 2021