Summer 2021 Blackboard Updates

The Academic Systems and Instructional Support team has been busy this summer. See what changes have been made to Blackboard so you are prepared for the upcoming semester.

What’s changed in Blackboard over the Summer of 2021:

  • Single Sign-On – Completed on August 13
    • There is now a login button that will take you directly into Blackboard if you logged into another Brockport system.
  • Blackboard – to be completed on August 17:
    • The Content Text Editor now has a tool for checking accessibility – look for the stick figure of a person.
    • Better copy and paste functionality – allows you to keep formatting from source documents.
    • External web links to videos embed automatically.
    • The content editor is better suited for all devices (small and large screens).
  • Kaltura Capture – to be completed on August 17:
    • Has a new location for sharing videos and inserting external content – Look for the Plus (+) sign in the Content Text Editor.
  • VoiceThread – Completed in June:
    • A redesigned assignment experience with new features, tightened integration with Blackboard, and streamlined workflows.

For additional information on these changes, visit the ASIS Faculty, Staff, and Student Tutorials page.


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Jeff Thompson:

Posted: August 13, 2021