Six SUNY Brockport Faculty Co-Author Article

D’Arcy Gaisser, Tamala David, Uletha Jones, Connie Lawrence, Logan Rath, and Jennifer Smalls, published an article alongside two international educators, titled “Guidelines for International Networking for Nurses.”

The article focuses on strategies and benefits of international networking while highlighting cross-cultural intelligence. The article appeared in the July issue of Nursing 2021. All of the authors have been involved with international nursing education and networking and felt there was a lack of literature on this topic. The collaborative effort resulted in an article that outlines the benefits of networking and strategies to help guide nurses interested in international networking on how to make connections while also being aware of social and cultural nuances. The guidelines are presented in three levels of experience; entry-level, intermediate-level, and advanced-level. The goal is to further promote the nursing profession on a global scale by encouraging nurses to develop international professional relationships.

Gaisser, D. J. , David, T. , Rath, L. , Clancy, G. , Lawrence, C. , Munoz-Rojas, D. , Jones, U. & Smalls, J. (2021). International networking guidelines for nurses. Nursing, 51 (7), 24-32. doi: 10.1097/01.NURSE.0000753964.21753.df.

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D’Arcy Gaisser:

Posted: August 09, 2021