Over 4,000 Pieces of Furniture Returned to Campus

Starting in late June private contractors moved over 4,000 pieces of furniture from warehouses back to the campus. The Housekeeping Department was then tasked with moving the furniture, based on new guidelines for distancing, back into the proper spaces.

With the Housing Department’s task now finished, the remaining task of moving any broken or surplus furniture out of the academic and administrative buildings is scheduled to be completed by this Friday, August 6, 2021, bringing the entire project to an end.

We would like to thank the campus community for their patience with this project over the last five weeks. The focus is now 100% on the final details of setting up educational spaces and making sure they are completely ready prior to the beginning of the semester. We do not anticipate any issues completing the annual summer tasks prior to the beginning of the semester.

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Kevin Rice: krice@brockport.edu

Posted: August 02, 2021