Reporting Potentially Unsafe Conditions to the Facilities Service Center

Our campus community is encouraged to immediately report potentially hazardous issues, such as loose handrails, non-functioning walkway/parking lot lighting, housekeeping issues, broken plumbing, pest control, power outage, etc.

Please do not wait for someone else to report a hazard. Let the Facilities Service Center know right away so that it can be addressed before someone is injured.

The unsafe condition will be investigated and the responsible department or unit will take the necessary steps to mitigate the issue.

Non-urgent service requests may be submitted via an online form. Examples of non-urgent service requests include: 

  • A dripping faucet
  • Building finish repairs (window, door, shades, blinds, carpet, etc.)
  • Hanging office accessories
  • Painting
  • Moving furniture
  • Furniture repairs

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Facilities Service Center: (585) 395-2408 or

Posted: July 20, 2021