CELT Award Winners

CELT is excited to announce that the following faculty were recognized for their outstanding work with students.

Dr. Joshua Fegley and Ginny Orzel were selected to receive the Outstanding Academic Advisement Award. This award recognizes faculty and staff who go above and beyond in supporting student success.  CELT noted that both recipients supported students as they developed their academic and career goals and that they have touched the lives of their students in countless ways.

Dr. Lauren Lieberman and Dr. Zack Robinson received the Faculty-Student Engagement Award for their outstanding work in mentoring students outside of the classroom.  Dr. Lieberman and Dr. Robinson have each published multiple scholarly articles and conference abstracts with student collaborators and have engaged their students in cutting-edge research. 

CELT would like to congratulate the winners of these awards and thank them for their unwavering support of Brockport students.

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Alyshia O’Connor: aoconnor@brockport.edu

Posted: June 09, 2021