Professor & Chair of Chemistry & Biochemistry Publishes Two Articles

Markus Hoffmann, Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, published two articles in the Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, one co-authored by undergraduate student Rachel Horowitz.

One article is the result of a research collaboration with Professor Abdolhossein Haghani in Iran and reports physicochemical properties of mixtures of an ionic liquid with a homologous series of 2-alkanols.

The other article is the result of National Science Foundation sponsored summer research from 2020 with undergraduate student Rachel Horowitz who is co-author on this paper. The article reports new densities, viscosities, and self-diffusion coefficients of ethyleneglycol oligomers up to nonaethyleneglycol. 

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Markus Hoffmann:

Posted: June 11, 2021