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Stuffed Artichokes

By Fran Hanley ’71


  • Artichokes (whatever number needed)
  • Italian Bread Crumbs
  • Small pieces of cut up salami
  • Italian grated cheese
  • Pinches of oregano, basil, pepper, marjoram
  • Oil
  • Garlic salt


(Use whatever number of artichokes you wish to use)

  1. Cut the bottom stump (to the leaves) from each artichoke. Cut the tips from the leaves (use knife or scissors). Spread the leaves apart and reach down to the bottom and using a knife clean out what fuzz you can.
  2. Rinse each artichoke with water, spreading the leaves and turn upside down to drain for a short bit.
  3. It is hard to say for sure just how much of each ingredient is needed as it depends on how many artichokes you are making. You can start making a small amount of mixture and then just repeat as needed.
  4. Use about 2 cups of Italian breadcrumbs and place in dish or bowl. Add bits of cut up salami, and using your hand scoop up some grated Italian cheese, add a little pepper, oregano, basil and marjoram.
  5. Mix up these ingredients using your hands or spoon.
  6. Begin filling each artichoke leaf with some of the mixture (you can use your hand to pick up some of the mixture and let mixture flow from your hand into each leaf.) Just keep doing this until all leaves are filled with mixture.
  7. Place water in a large pan, only enough that would cover a small part of each artichoke (don’t go up to filled leaves) Place artichokes in pan and sprinkle some oil (maybe less than a cap full over each artichoke.) Sprinkle a little garlic salt over each artichoke.
  8. If you have made many artichokes you may need more than one pan and you may need to keep adding more bread crumbs, salami, grated cheese and spices indicated to have enough of the mixture to fill all artichokes.
  9. Cover pan and let steam. Keep checking while cooking so water does not evaporate, and keep adding water to cover the bottom of each artichoke, not the leaves. You can test to see if artichokes are done in this way- if the leaf comes off easy when you pull them. 
  10. As artichokes cook you may see leaves open us even more. When done remove from pan and serve. (you can store them in refrigerator and warm them up in a pan with a little water, watching water level and adding water as needed to the pan. ) You eat the artichoke by placing a leaf in your mouth and using your teeth to scrape the bread crumb mixture into your mouth. Repeat. Do not eat individual leaves.
  11. When you have finished the artichoke, all leaves are off, you will use a knife to clean the bottom of the artichoke. Run the knife smoothly and carefully over the surface and you will see feather like bits which you clean off with the knife. Scrape it away. Even out or clean bottom of each too. What is left is the bottom of the artichoke, the “heart” which is a delicacy. Hope you enjoy!


When I was growing up we celebrated Christmas Eve with my grandparents, who both were good cooks. It was traditional to have 7 kinds of fish to eat as part of the meal. I am Italian and grew up with many different types of food, yet I never liked fish.

As my grandfather cooked the octopus, eel, lobster, shrimp, buckala, calamari, and scallops, the house would fill with these fish odors. I would always tell my grandfather the house smelled like the ocean and it made me feel sick. Knowing I didn’t care for fish, my grandfather began making these delicious stuffed artichokes (for me) as part of the meal. What a memory and what a tradition.



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